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Perkiomen Park (OAKS)

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Captain's meeting: 9:30 sharp
1st round start: 10:00 sharp
2nd round start: 11:30 (may change)
Last round end: pretty late - long day of play

First round byes: HARMONY (DC), KARMAKAZE (DC)

8 teams on 3 fields
Pool play (takes 4 rounds) followed by xover for top 3 teams in each pool. Each team gets 3 games, and 6 of 8 get in 4 games.

5 teams on 2 fields
Round robin over 5 rounds.

  1. OPEN/COLLEGE (13 teams likely)

  2. Club (OPEN A) (8 teams on 3 fields: preliminary seedings)
    1. Rage (check rec'd 3/26: IN)
    2. Havoc (check rec'd IN) (club)
    3. Havoc 2 (check rec'd IN) (club)
    4. Bucknell (check rec'd 3/18: IN)
    5. Retired to Stud (my team: IN) (club)
    6. Package (check rec'd 2/10 IN) (club)
    7. Korean Deli Association (check rec'd IN) (club)
    8. F-Train (check rec'd 3/6: IN)
    9. Control Board (bail)
    10. Spare Tire (nibbles: WAITLIST)
    College (OPEN B) (5 teams on 2 fields)
    1. Eastern College (check rec'd 2/6 IN)
    2. Drexel (stealth bid - check rec'd 2/23 IN)
    3. Drew (check rec'd 3/6: IN)
    4. Holy Cross (check rec'd 3/7: IN)
    5. Union College (check rec'd 3/16: IN)
    6. Impudent Strumpets (nibbles 2/23)
  3. COED (8 teams on 3 fields with preliminary seeding)
    1. WUPASS (check rec'd 2/6: IN) (former Winners)
    2. XU (Philly's Coed Natls Rep!) (check rec'd 2/12: IN)
    3. KARMAKAZE (check rec'd 2/16: IN) (former Spirit Winners)
    4. Rikki Tikki Tavi (check rec'd 2/16: IN)
    5. Badgers (check rec'd 2/24: IN) (two-time Spirit Winners)
    6. SpiceRack (check rec'd: IN)
    7. Rosser (check rec'd: IN)
    8. Catholic U (check rec'd 3/17:IN)
  4. WOMEN (5 teams on 2 fields)
    1. EM, Philadelphia (IN)
    2. Drew (check rec'd: IN) (Spirit Champs of RTS 4 & 5!)
    3. Brown (check rec'd 2/25: IN)
    4. Jacki-O (IN 3/8)
    5. Sol (IN pending confirmation from captain)
    6. Harmony (bail 4/7)

    7. Wait list: sluggish Harmony beat Sol and Wellesley in the check race
    8. SOL (2/22 nibble)
    9. Wellesley (2/28 nibble)

Brian Canniff

Bids: I really need to make sure that teams that put in bids are actually coming to the tourney. If I don't have a check, I'm not likely to hold a spot for your team. That is: checks trumps expression of interest. Makes everyone's life easier, esp. mine! since I don't have to 'play favorites.'
If the tourney is cancelled, teams will receive partial refunds after the TD has covered his costs.
If an individual team cancels or fails to appear, the team will receive a refund at the sole discretion of the TD. Note well that the TD is incentivized to provide some refund in order to make sure that there are enough teams to make all the divisions work. So, if you bail 3 days before the tourney, you are likely to receive a $25 refund. If you bail 2 weeks before the tourney, you are likely to receive a $40 refund. If you bail more than two full weeks before the tourney, you will likely receive a full refund. Sound fair? Good!
Remember, your entire division is counting on your team to show up and play all of its games. One price of diversity (e.g. attempting to have a coed division, women's division, let alone *both* at the same event) means that the fields we have are carefully split up between the attending teams. So far, it's worked out really well and folks have generally had an excellent time at the RTS events. I'm really looking forward to April 10th!


LOWER PERKIOMEN PARK (aka OAKS) is west of Philadelphia, near the PA TP Exit 24
(King of Prussia) and near the intersection I76 and 202S.

From Phila: 76W to 202S for .5 mile to 422W for 6 miles to OAKS EXIT.
60 minutes from downtown.

From South: 95N to 476N to 76W to 202S for .5 mile to 422W for 6 miles
to OAKS EXIT. 60 minutes from start of 476N.

From PA Turnpike: Exit 24 (King of Prussia) to 202S for .5 mile to 422W
for 6 miles to OAKS EXIT. 15 minutes from PATP Exit 24.

From North: Get on PA TP or find 76W from Philadelphia.
From West: Follow PA TP directions!
SIGNS (RED BALLOONS) on either side of street. PARKING is very limited, so please
CARPOOL! We have 25 teams coming, and room for only 130 cars. Pull in tight to the car in front
of you! ! !

Supermarket: RIGHT onto EGYPT ROAD about 1/2 mile to Genuardi's supermarket on the
RIGHT. Make sure when you return you observe the parking rules!
The tourney will be providing BAGELS, BANANAS, and WATER.

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